I love working in soap-stone. This material has a reputation for being extremely soft, but  I prefer to use much harder varieties. These polish up beautifully and, once finished, can take on the appearance of marble.



I have recently become interested in war memorials. Although they are common-place in London, I was intrigued by the recent work of historian, Dr Alice Kelly, looking at contemporary meaning in these now-familiar objects. This piece, carved from Serpentine, is designed to reflect the experiences of those who did survive, but were permanently affected by “shell-shock” (or PTSD as we know it today).
£750 – SOLD

[Photo: Alan Day]



This is an adaptation of a Cycladic head, carved from a pinkish speckled Spanish soap-stone. I am very pleased with the simplicity and the clean lines of this abstract head.


[Photo: Alan Day]


I will be exhibiting at Appleton Village Arts as part of Oxfordshire Artweeks on the weekend of 19/20 May in a shared space with some brilliant artists working in a range of media. There will be something there for everyone (download a Festival Guide).