Alabaster is a lovely material to work with. Against the light it has a translucent quality.



The inspiration for this abstract piece was a pair of cupped hands. I toyed with the idea of inserting a polished glass sphere in the middle, but decided that I would leave this free for the eventual owner to place a treasured memento.


[Photo: Alan Day]

First Wave


Power of the sea. Inspired by Hokusai.
£200 – SOLD


Made from a bit of “scrap” Alabaster found on a beach.




Made for the person who found the Alabaster on the beach.

Not for sale.


I will be exhibiting at Appleton Village Arts as part of Oxfordshire Artweeks on the weekend of 19/20 May in a shared space with some brilliant artists working in a range of media. There will be something there for everyone (download a Festival Guide).